• ♩♪♫【MP3 player with Enhanced Bluetooth】It Compatible the newest Bluetooth 5.0 which has better compatibility and lower power consumption. Longer receiving distance and automatic connections help Bluetooth devices like headphones connect to our music player easily. Enhanced Bluetooth is one of its main selling points.
  • ♩♪♫【User friendly Music Player】It is an user friendly Music Player. Even kids can easily play it when get it in hand. Every button is very sensitive. The finishing is clean.
  • ♩♪♫【One-Click Voice Recorder & FM Radio】To use the voice recorder function, you just need to press the “Rec” button lightly and start recording quickly. This MP3 player becomes your MP3 recorder.The Voice Recorder reduces ambient noise for clearer recordings.You can easily record meetings,lectures,and more high quality audio. It is the best useful and best gift for your kids and your friends.This MP3 player is also a MP3 radio. When plugged in a headset, it easily turns into a portable FM radio.
  • ♩♪♫【Burn Music function】It is not only a MP3 or a walkman, but a burning music Machine, which can burn any music you like from radios or websites,just use a 3.5mm Audio cable line to connect it with your phone, PC, Laptop or other devices. When these devices are playing music, the exactly same lossless sound quality music will be burned into your MP3 player.
  • ♩♪♫【MP3 player for kids and MP3 player for running-Long Battery Life】It is a MP3 player for kids.It weighs only 0.9 oz, small shape, light & tiny for kids to carry. Also easy for yourself to wear when running.The sleep timer function is perfect for listening to a radio before falling asleep or for the bedtime story for your baby. You can set the time to make it stop and start enjoying the rest. It has very long battery life.After 3 hours of charging, you will enjoy up to 60 hours of playtime.